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  • What if my vape doesn’t work?
    Please send us an email at or fill in this contact form with detailed information such as photos, videos, the purchase location. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • What makes YOVO unique?
    Our YOVO JB8000 offers cutting-edge smart disposable devices that can provide up to 8000 puffs with a 0.8 Ω sub-ohm mesh coil. Each device features a battery and e-liquid indicator screen, a high-class resin-like surface, and a 5% nicotine strength.
  • How do I know when a YOVO is empty?
    The e-liquid indicator screen will display 0% oil. When you cannot draw any vapor while the indicator is still operational, it is empty.
  • How can I find YOVO in my city?
    If you are a customer in the US, please visit our wholesalers' page.
  • Can I get more information to promote your products?
    Please email us at, and we will provide our digital and physical marketing materials to support your needs. You can also download our marketing material from the website.
  • What is YOVO?
    YOVO specializes in simple and disposable vape devices known for their ease of use and a variety of exceptional flavors.
  • How do I know if my YOVO needs to be charged?
    Just like an mobile phone, the battery indicator screen will display 0% power if it is completely out of power. We recommend you to charge the vape after the battery lower than 15%.
  • How can I purchase your products?
    We exclusively conduct wholesale business. If you're interested in wholesale, please complete the wholesale request form with the required information. For personal or retail use, please contact our official distributors in your country or region. If necessary, provide us with your detailed information so we can assist you in finding local distributors.
  • How to authenticate my YOVO?
    Please scan our QR code for authentication. Our QR code is available in our new packaging.
  • How long can a YOVO last?
    Our battery indicator screen will inform you of the remaining battery, allowing you to charge the device accordingly. If the device is fully charged but runs out of oil, you won't be able to produce vapor even with a fully charged battery.
  • How can I become your wholesaler?
    Please fill in the wholesale request form with the necessary information. One of our sales representatives will contact you within a few business days.
  • What is your wholesale pricing?
    We offer competitive wholesale prices and keep the price fair and equal to all the wholesalers . You can further discuss pricing with our sales representatives after your wholesale application is approved. Please check our master distributors page.
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